Saniels Manfelds

Daniel Manfelds says he has always been an outsider of sorts, weirdly incapable of settling into what the majority would consider a normal (if not a must-have) way of life. That’s why he has spent a fair share of his life exploring new territories, geographically as well as spiritually.
His involvement in volunteer work in Timișoara is really only a fragment of a broader spiritual journey, but at the same time he finds it quite difficult to imagine a more personally meaningful humanitarian occupation, and one that at the same time also grants so much creative freedom in all of its aspects.
He believes there is nothing more fulfilling than having a positive, harmonizing influence on someone. Instead of valuing money, or power, he finds gratification in establishing genuine human connections.
He came here with an intention to cultivate the good in everything to the best of his ability, in any occasion or time of the day. We’re all responsible, he says, for embodying the change, principles and values we’d like to see in the world around us. Ultimately, we’re all citizens of the world and positive influence always inspires even more positive influence and thus it keeps growing exponentially, beyond its original locale.
And in a world of manipulation, greed, stress and envy, Daniel concludes, it might be that volunteering for a humanitarian cause is just the right move.