Rachad Aboultaif

Rachad from Lebanon is currently engaged in a long term ESC (European Solidarity Corps) project in Timișoara, Romania. His story is a lesson learned from that experience.

The ESC project gave him the opportunity to work with youth communities in Romania. And while, in the beginning, he believed that young people were hardly interested in the activities, he came to understand rather soon that what they really needed was to find something interesting and useful for them.

It’s really difficult nowadays to keep the youth away from technology and lead them to appreciate the things that are happening right next to them. That is why, when he wonders if he ever did something good, the first thing that comes to his mind is this – that he helped a lot of young people keep a certain distance from technology. For that he is really glad.

For Rachad, everything feels nicer when he sees that he can inspire people to become more motivated and they, in turn, try to help him find new ways of supporting them and the community.

In the future, he is keen on increasing both his own motivation and the motivation that others can receive from him, for the one reason that he wants the community to keep developing.