Vita Kasapolli

Vita Kasapolli is a 19 year old activist from a small city in Western Kosovo, called Peja. At a young age, she noticed that the life she was living was nothing but a daily routine of going to school, getting angry with Kosovo’s education system, and going back home. She needed to be challenged, she wanted to be part of the change, she wanted more!

At age 16, Vita took courses at Anibar Animation Academy. For more than six months, she studied animation techniques and how to work with an animated film. That was just enough to raise her interests in new fields and to open new doors for her, especially in voluntary work.

She thus joined “Jusuf Gërvalla” Cinema as an annual volunteer and she is still active there today. As a Cinema volunteer, Vita got involved in different discussions, debates and workshops on topics like environmental, educational, political, or cultural issues and visions etc. Her main focus is to contribute to the community by offering hope to young people with great potential, in a place where they usually get demotivated by the country itself and, thinking they don’t have many options to share that potential, they emigrate.

In the 9th edition of Anibar International Animation Festival, Vita volunteered for an animation workshop, where her main obligation was to help the tutors and participants with everything they needed. In the 10th edition of Anibar, she volunteered with the media team, helping to promote the festival. She learned to use the camera and accumulated experience in editing, communication, organizing, and most of all, improvising. In the 11th edition of Anibar, Vita was the jury coordinator and she participated in the digital film platform. Also, part of Vita’s experience in voluntary work is her involvement in Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) project for Systemizing Cinema’s Archives.

Furthermore, volunteering gave Vita the opportunity to travel abroad. For the first time, she could get a visa, and a plane ticket. She went to Greece, through an Erasmus Youth Exchange Project, where she got trained for “Youth Employment and Intercultural Learning through Entrepreneurship and Tourism.” To this day, Vita keeps being active and is always open for new projects that involve youth education and system’s change.